Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yes, yes. Indeedy. There are monkeys in our trees. Little, cute, fluffy faced, ring tailed chatterbox monkeys. They are cute. Adrian and Katie were taking a dip in the pool, which Adrian has since become the master of (he's built for chemistry and perfect linear vacuum lines) when the little monkeys came to watch the strange giant monkeys in the pool.

We also have the most wonderful thing... a HUGE, almost dayglo green caterpillar has opted to suspend himself from our carport ceiling and encase himself into the beginnings of a cocoon! The new gardener (I know, I know, but he only comes twice a month and our yard is HUGE!!) has been asked to leave our little morphing fellow be while it slumbers.

The entertainment value of american words (used not so correctly) on food products at the grocery store still gives me the giggles and atleast a shopping trip worth of entertainment.

We enrolled Katie into a local preschool and she's really doing well. She goes 5 days a week and loves the time with the other kiddos. I love the time for myself and seeing her in her uniform. It occurs to me that while the powers that be say that uniforms are to 'even the playing field' of obvious income disparity, it occurs to me that at the prices we're paying for her schooling, no one is fooled, you have to be wealthy (or budget all of your money..as we have) to afford preschool in Brasilia. The Government will pay for Katie's schooling once she's in Kindergarden, as it would be covered in America but until then...we pay out the nose. Let's just say that I could have bought a really nice car for what we'll shell out before she's in Kindergarden.

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