Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Sisterhood of the Trailing Spouses

I got a blessed call from Morgan today, fellow Sister of the Trailing Spouses, informing me that she would be picking us up for a playdate in 15 minutes. I think I may have suggested, in my profound haste to successfully make human contact with an actual grown up, that Katie 'shotgun' her yogurt breakfast. Morgan came with her adorable son and her NEW NANNY. I was practically salivating as I wished Ms. Maria a 'Bom Dia'. We all hopped into Morgan's borrowed car (which is the current high standard of luxury in my tiny world. 'You have a car? A Honda Fit?!? Ooohhhh!' I am truly impressed.) We took off on an adventure to Erica's house. In the world of isolated motherhood, the bigger the herd of children, the higher the mama's rank (It's all about playdate options). With 5 sweet and beautiful kids, a well stocked pantry, a Kitchenaid, AND a car, I'm pretty certain that Erica is an Empress. Mama Elise met us too with her precious little guys in tow and for 4 delightful hours, the world was a perfect and normal place. The kids played and stuffed themselves on grapes, cucumber wedges, and the contraband of Wheat Thins. I think Katie was ready to trade me in for any one of the STS's. We talked the 'Mama Shop' of schools, foods, recipes, and volleyed around ideas for our socially conscious entertainment. Looks like I will not shrivel up and take on a hunch back as I had suspected would happen with long term isolation and despair. At afternoon's end, I found myself back home with Katie, baking powder and baking soda in my pantry, vanilla in my fridge (a million thank you's, Erica), the phone number and offer of a nanny/housekeeper (Morgan, you're the best), and a renewed friendship with the ever sparkling Elise. It seems as though I have been plucked from obscurity by the Sisterhood of the Trailing Spouses....and for that I will forever be grateful.

On a side note, I then delved into the fascinating world of 'Pool Cleaning 101', of pump priming, chemical balancing, and random other lessons in 'things I cannot possibly afford to allow other people to do for me'. And for the final thanks of the evening, I send my father the biggest hug and appreciation. Your example has made me a fearless tinkerer of things which may or may not be repaired, McGuyver Style.


  1. You have been snatched from the jaws of desolation!! wonderful and appropriate. What is this Alders "thing" about tackling every impossible job and usually accomplishing what no man would begin to attempt (mostly because they do not reason as we do), nor complete said task if they should be fortunate enough to discern how to begin. I remember vividly the day that four young men were trying to move a refrigerator into your grandmothers home through the front would not fit. I watched them with a Mona Lisa smile on my face for what seemed an eternity and finally suggested that they remove the door!!! Wahlah!!! the deed was done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Actually, as I recall (somewhate inaccurately in my senior years), I suggested they simply swing the door open!!!